as part of the alchemist theatre's rental program, OUTLAW ARTISTS is proud to present:

by Sam Shepard

OutLawArtists is a collection of Theatre, Visual and Media Artists, headed by Marissa Clayton and Evan Koepnick, established in 2017. In August of 2017, OutLawArtists will be having their inaugural show “Fool For Love” by Pulitzer Prize Winner Sam Shepard at the Alchemist Theatre & Lounge in Bayview, Milwaukee Wisconsin. The show will run August 10th-19th. As the show runs, the Lounge at the Alchemist will be an Art Gallery to showcase local Milwaukee Artists. The gallery will feature paintings, photography, drawings, video, media and visual art pieces. It’s our goal to showcase different forms of art to help them all grow in the Milwaukee community and to foster fruitful connections so the art scene can continue grow in our great city.

“Fool For Love”

The scene is a stark motel room at the edge of the Mojave Desert. May, a disheveled young woman, sits dejectedly on a rumpled bed while Eddie, a rough-spoken rodeo performer, crouches in a corner fiddling with his riding gear. When he attempts to console May, who is distressed by Eddie's frequent absences and love affairs, she seems, at first, to soften—but then she suddenly attacks him. As the recriminations pour out, and the action becomes at times physically violent, the desperate nature of their relationship becomes apparent—they cannot get along with, or without, one another, yet neither can subdue their burning passion. (Dramatists Play Service, Inc.)

Fool For Love was first performed at the Magic Theater in San Francisco on February 8, 1983. It was directed by Sam Shepard. (Fool for Love and Other Plays, Dial Press, January 2006)

August 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 & 19        7:30pm


BACK AGAIN, BY VERY POPULAR DEMAND...  The Alchemist Theatre presents:

written and performed by Randall T. Anderson
produced by Aaron Kopec & The Alchemist Theatre

$33 (no extra service fees.)
All street parking near The Alchemist is free.



JULY  28  7:30PM  SOLD OUT

JULY  29  7:30PM  SOLD OUT

DEC  1    7:30PM   SOLD OUT

DEC  2    7:30PM

DEC  8    7:30PM

DEC  9    7:30PM

DEC  11   7:30PM

DEC 15   7:30PM

DEC 16   7:30PM



A one-man, multi-media production set in the comfortable Alchemist Theatre lounge during which the audience is offered a flight of 8 classic cocktails along with the intriguing stories behind each.

Meet your bartender... THE BARTENDER.
A timeless figure who has seen and heard it all and can't wait to share his tales as the sophisticated lighting, audio, and video of The Alchemist Lounge whisks you away to distant cities and foreign lands.

Spend an evening with a bartender.

NOTE: while the cocktails served are "sample sized," they are large samples and there are 8 of them.    be aware that you need not fully consume each.

As part of The Alchemist Theatre's rental program, Tim Campos presents:


Written & Performed by Tim Campos
Directed by Antoine McKay

After taking a job with Ford Motor Company to recoup his finances, Campos' ‘one-year and done’ promise to himself turns into nearly a decade when he reaps the benefits of a steady paycheck and a job where he can manipulate the system. All the while, he tries to figure out the perfect escape from the factory life. Campos takes the audience on a no holds barred adventure as he shares his intimate portrait of factory life. Director: Antoine McKay

"And because it’s live and in color, his one-man self-written stage show is funnier and more engaging than the pages of any book could ever hope to be." - It's All Theatre

ONE NIGHT ONLY!   Saturday, August 26 at 8pm

Tickets are $15

Ticket link:

More info:

BACK BY VERY POPULAR DEMAND...  The Alchemist Theatre presents


By very popular demand, The Alchemist Theatre returns to producing a new, fun, and exciting Halloween show!

PEPPER'S GHOST is a quirky tale about a group of misfits who “fake haunt” homes as elaborate practical jokes for high-paying customers.    They soon discover, however, that their newest client's mansion may have it's own spooks and specters who are not willing to stick to their script.
PEPPER'S GHOST is a tale chocked full of special effects, creepy moments, and hilarious stupidity.

  Sometimes EVIL is more than just smoke and mirrors!

October 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28
7:30pm every night.

$19 general admission – rows E through H (no added fees)
$29 general admission – rows A through D (no added fees & includes one bar item)

The theatre building and cocktail lounge will be open at 6:30pm.
This show begins promptly at 7:30pm.
No late arrivals will be permitted.
No refunds will be given for late arrivals.
To aid in prompt start times, the bar will suspend cocktail service 5 minutes before show time. (beer, wine, soda only during that 5 minute period.)
This show will use fog, strobes, bright lights, dark lights, loud sounds, and other effects that you can probably handle just fine.
There will be a 15 minute intermission.
No use of any electronics is permitted. But you know that.

Nathan is absolutely delighted to be on stage at the Alchemist Theatre 
with such a giving and talented cast!  He most recently was seen as Dr. Bullard in Lobotomy the Musical, but a few of his other favorite roles have been Kilroy in Camino Real (Off the Wall Theatre) Van in Dog Sees God (Splinter Group), John in The Importance of Being Earnest, Dr. Frankenstein in Frankenstein, Elliot Garfield in The Goodbye Girl, and Ali Hakim in Oklahoma.  Nathan is extremely thankful to Aaron for the opportunity to work in such an open & rewarding environment. Last but by no means least, he is endlessly grateful to his two precocious littles for all their inspiration.


Sammi is as happy as every Alchemist fan that the Halloween show is back, and even happier to be a part of it. This is Sammi's 7th Halloween show and 10th Alchemist show (she thinks). She would like to thank Aaron and Erica for always making the place feel like a second home, her husband for being the best patron ever, and the audience for their unending willingness to take a chance on these crazy shows!

AARON KOPEC as Anzor (writer/director/designer)

Aaron is excited to have been forced by so many of you heathens  to bring "the halloween show" back to Alchemist stage after taking a year off in 2016. Aaron is the guy behind the amazing folks who brought you two separate, unique shows about Jack-The-Ripper, H.H. Holmes, and Dracula along with the fully original shows of “The Alchemist Eye” and “Suicide Sleep.” He was also happy to bring you ghouls the elaborate, throughout-the-building productions of “Faust” and “Closing Night.”

This time around he's going for something slightly less dark, a bit more fun, and some strange combination of a modern Abbot-and-Costello meets Twilight Zone sort of thing.
He'll also be on stage for this one – because writing, directing, and acting is always a great idea and the rest of the cast is totally happy about that.
He hopes you come looking to have a good time because he spends a lot of time making The Alchemist  super cool for you to hang out in.               He, like everyone, also hates writing in third-person for these things.

April is excited to be returning to The Alchemist Theatre where she was previously seen as Izzy in ANOTHER TALE OF EDDIE and THE SCENE YOU NEED. With a bachelor's degree from UWM, April has worked with several companies across the Milwaukee area. Most recent credits include Amber in LITTLE GEM (Milwaukee Irish Arts), Karlie in LUNA GALE (Renaissance Theaterworks), Page in JACK OF HEARTS (Milwaukee Entertainment Group), and Rose in THE FLICK (Forward Theater).

Well it's been a while, but Nate is back for his third show at the Alchemist Theatre. Ask your parents if they remember seeing him in the 2009 production of Invader? I Hardly Know Her! or 2010's Murder Castle: The Chronicle of H.H. Holmes. In between then and now, Nate's done a few other plays around Milwaukee. Some of his favorite roles he'd like you to know about were; Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie (The Company of Strangers), Horst in Bent (The World's Stage), Nial Lynch in Moment (Milwaukee Irish Arts), CB in Dog Sees God (Splinter Group), Edward in Spike Heels (Smithereen Productions), Walker and Ned Janeway in Three Days of Rain (Carte Blanche Studios), and Frosty in Who Killed Santa? (Santa Slayers Inc.) Nate is a Milwaukee native and a proud graduate of the city's public school system. Then he studied Theatre at Boston University's College of Fine Arts. He'll tell you all about it if you buy him a drink after the show. But if you REALLY want to be bored, ask him about his fantasy baseball team(s).

David is ECSTATIC to be returning to the Alchemist stage! He has most recently been seen as James in TIME STANDS STILL at In Tandem Theatre, and as Cliff in Renaissance Theaterworks' production of LUNA GALE. Other credits include David Mamet's A LIFE IN THE THEATRE at the Alchemist Theatre; numerous roles for Acacia Theatre Company, most recently Sigmund Freud in FREUD'S LAST SESSION; and Ethan in Ben Parman's STARLINGS at Soulstice Theatre. He will be appearing later this summer in Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's production of DEATHTRAP.

LIZ WHITFORD as Alexandriena

Liz Whitford is thrilled to be a part of this production! Recently, Liz performed in “Jack of Hearts” at the Brumder Mansion. In 2015, she was in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “The King of Pop” at the Alchemist. In 2014, Liz portrayed Lynn in “Suicide Sleep” and Dolly in “For Purely Elfish Reasons” both at the Alchemist. In 2013, Liz performed in the retelling of three horror productions at the Alchemist theatre in which she was in the original cast years previous. Recent film projects include four years in Milwaukee’s 48hr Film Project, “Pantry Todd” and the “Spade County Massacre.” Liz would like to thank her family, friends and cast for all of their support!