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Friday April 26, 2013 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Daily, until May 11, 2013

Doctor H.H. Holmes is considered America's first serial killer.

This man’s atrocities are nothing less than staggering in both viciousness and scope.

At the peak of Holmes’ career, through an unimaginable tangle of scams and schemes, he constructed a building nearly the size of a city block with the sole purpose of attracting, confusing, torturing and killing visitors of the Chicago World’s Fair.

In 2010, The Alchemist revealed a fraction of Dr. Holmes’ evil deeds with the epic production “Murder Castle.”

In 2013, The Year of Fear, The Alchemist presents “House of Horrors” which aims to explore more of the who and why of what drove the diabolical madman.


What mangles a man's inner clockwork so horribly to cause him to ruthlessly murder a hundred or more people?

What mars a person's conscience to the point that it simply no longer functions?

How does one completely lose track of hope for a normal psyche?

And how, if ever, is any of this damage repaired?


"House of Horrors" is told through a series of flashbacks, vignettes and carefully constructed scenes that will bring the audience along for this mad man's descent into the darkest reaches of the human soul.


Come, join us on this trip through madness.

Come meet the good doctor.