It is CLOSING NIGHT of another successful run of shows but the evening is interrupted by MURDER!

Thankfully YOU (and the rest of the audience) are on hand to help investigate the tragedy.
You’ll soon discover that this is no ordinary murder.
Forces from beyond are reaching out to help and hinder your investigation by seeping into photographs, whispering through walls and opening locked doors.
Your adventure will lead you to spy on intimate backstage moments, explore uncharted catacombs and uncover the dark tales told only from behind the stage curtain.
The show must go on. Even after murder on CLOSING NIGHT!

CLOSING NIGHT asks you to play the role of investigator with an open mind.

The murder you'll witness may not be entirely as it seems.   
In this building, with its long history of ghostly occurrences , perhaps much is not as it seems.

Please share this information with others who you may be reserving tickets for so that they too will know what to expect.

1. Is there dinner?
No. This is not dinner theatre.  You will not be sitting at a table.
To experience this production in its fullest, you'll need to actively wander and explore.  There are many GREAT places to eat in the Bay View area.
Find them HERE.

2. Is any food or drink included?
Yes. A few light snacks, popcorn and non-alcoholic "mocktails" which can be "spiked" for $2. 
3. Will i need to go up and down stairs?
Yes. Much of the action takes place throughout the first floor theatre, lounge and specially created areas in the lower level.

4. Is this a whacky murder mystery?
No. While this production is a little "whacky" in places (and quite a bit of fun) and while it does share the very basic framework of many murder mystery shows (such as you, the audience, serving as investigators) it is more of a drama than a slapstick comedy. THAT SAID, much of the "drama" between characters is certainly pretty amusing and you WILL have fun!
5. Will I be scared?
Maybe?  We hope so.  The more you allow yourself to "get into" the show, the more you may be "scared."  There are "haunted house" elements to the setting of this production including a dark labyrinth and unexplained, spectral phenomena.
6. Do things jump out at me?
NO!   While the production will be dark, haunting and creepy, this show will not resort to cheap "jump scares" to startle you.  Any "fear" you experience will be from the excitement of exploring an unknown world.
7.  If scenes are unfolding in different areas throughout the venue and I am wandering around, how will I see everything?
You won't.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to witness every scene and explore every area. Nobody will find every clue.  There will be MUCH that you will not discover.
BUT, the show is designed so that all of the most important information is distributed in a way that everyone  will find it - whether they know or not.
8.  What is the prize for solving the murder mystery?
The prize will vary from night to night but will include tickets to Alchemist Theatre shows or certificates for Bay View restaurants and other goodies with a value of at least $60.  Prizes will be awarded to the most accurate solution.

9. How long is the production?

The performance begins sharply  at 7:30pm.  As with all Alchemist Productions, the nature of the show does not  allow for late arrivals.

The production is approximately 1 3/4 hours long.

The production is arranged in such a way that the audience can use the restroom facilities and enjoy cocktails at the bar  throughout the night, so there is no formal intermission.
10.  Do I interact with the characters?
Unlike most murder mysteries, you do NOT interact with the characters for most of the show.  In fact, during the bulk of the show the characters will go about their business and ignore your presence.  Please help the characters ignore you by letting them do their thing.
There WILL be a designated period during the show when you CAN interact with the characters and ask them questions.   This will be explained when you arrive.

11.  Do I need a group, a big group or can I participate solo?
Groups are fun but we suggest breaking any large groups into teams of 2 or 3 people.  Group sizes are limited to 5 as some of the areas that you'll explore may become cramped with large groups.  Want to participate solo?  NO PROBLEM!  In fact you'll probably get the most exciting experience if you make discoveries on your own!


OCT 3    7:30 ENDED
OCT 4    7:30 ENDED
OCT 5    7:30 SOLD OUT!
OCT10   7:30 SOLD OUT!
OCT11   7:30 ENDED

OCT12   7:30 SOLD OUT!

OCT17   7:30. ENDED
OCT18   7:30. SOLD OUT!
OCT19   7:30 SOLD OUT!
OCT24   7:30 SOLD OUT!
OCT25   7:30 SOLD OUT!
OCT26   7:30 SOLD OUT!

OCT31   7:30 SOLD OUT!

NOV 1    7:30 SOLD OUT!

NOV 2    7:30 SOLD OUT!

Includes complimentary popcorn, light snacks, soft drinks and specialty "mocktails" (which can be "spiked" for $2


Clues, hints and answers will be EVERYWHERE.
Explore. Look closely. Much of the evidence will be challenging to find...
HOWEVER, clues will always be in hidden plain sight.  You will never need to open drawers, page through books or remove photos from walls.
Some clues will be in the form of direct evidence.  Others will give hints about how to find more important information - such as gaining access to hidden areas.


Immersive Horror Drama
Alchemist’s Paranormal Experience
"The exploration of the space turns the set and the props for the show into something that could be seen as a character all its own, but the production is far from a traditional haunted house experience. No one will be leaping out at the audience members as they poke around trying to figure out who the murderer is."
Audience gets to play detective in Alchemist's 'Closing Night'
"Kopec cautions in promotional materials that it's impossible to witness and explore everything in "Closing Night," and he isn't kidding. Clues are hidden in plain view, but there are scores of them; throw in simultaneous performances by cast members in various rooms and one has a seemingly infinite selection of variables."

Alchemist’s "Closing Night" is a playground for the Science and Surplus set
BAM! we’re set loose, utterly befuddled, to explore the premises, puzzle over cryptic visual and verbal messages and bits of decor to uncover the building’s secrets.  And what a lot of secrets it has! It would be criminal to reveal any details, but suffice to say that Team Alchemist have outdone themselves."

"Like Discovery World meets the Haunted Mansion, there are plenty of things to turn, press, open, and even, in one case, kiss—all in a state of high trepidation, since we both want to figure out the story and are afraid of what might happen next. Scene fragments play out among the intimate spaces: sometimes you might be the only audience, or you might only be able to watch a scene by peering through a little peephole. It’s all diabolically clever."

Intricate Deluge, Alchemist Theatre, Closing Night
" A cerebral crime story, Closing Night challenges its cast to lead the audience out of their seats on a fluid and nerve turning journey through the depths of the Alchemist Theatre space, to learn the dark secrets of its murky past "
" Closing Night presents a great Halloween themed date night activity for couples and friends."

Alchemist searches for the killer in ‘Closing Night’
"The Alchemist has put together a really, really good cast for the show. Libby Amato is exquisitely engaging as Bella, someone with an active interest in tracking down a specific ghost. Michael Keily holds an irresistible persistence as paranormal expert Alexander, a comically dramatic egotist with a Southern accent.

The characters populating the rest of the story are given brilliant contrast, from Liz Whitford’s attractive, duplicitously superficial sweetness as Lucille to Carole Alt’s cleverly understated performance as a humble, low-key actress willing to sacrifice everything for art. Anna Figlesthaler is crisp and precise as the style-over-substance playwright in love with the idea of being a writer."

Murder Mystery at the Alchemist Theatre
"Closing Night will have the same roam-as-you-may freedom as 2011’s Faust, but it won’t be open-ended. A cast of 11 will perform throughout the theater, creating a broken narrative that you must piece together. There is a conclusion to be drawn, and you will be the one to discover it."