Get togethers.  Meetings that turn into parties. Just-because parties. FUNDRAISERS. Murder Mystery nights.
         The math is simple.    Renting the lounge for a party is cheap and fun and can possibly even make you a bit of $ if you're trying to raise some.
                  This rental option is not here to make a killing.  Just like renting the theatre for productions, we mostly just want this space to be a place for you
                             and your friends to build memories and experiences.    Lets have some fun.

Do you wish that the Alchemist Lounge was open during non-show nights?
Would you like to have it all to yourself?

No problem!  Rent the lounge!
Whether you are throwing a party, hosting a murder mystery event, or just want to hang out with some friends... renting the lounge is cheap and easy!

1.  Pick the approximate date that you are shooting for.
2. Email The Alchemist at
3. We'll either let you know that your date is available OR we'll give you a list of available dates as near as possible.
4. Then you pay a little money, we make you a bunch of drinks.  And we all have fun.

$280 Includes:
Two bartenders
$200 bar tab
A variety of lighting settings to choose from throughout the evening
Music (one of our playlists or simply jack in your own device)
A special cocktail of your choice or design

Want some extras like entertainment?
We are a theatre... I'm sure we can work with you and the many professionals we know to create something special at a reasonable extra fee.

Just email us and we'll get the ball rolling!